Root Defense
  • No phone UI / control via web
  • View SMS, MMS, calls, contacts,
    internet history and favorites

  • Records data even offline
  • Track location history
  • Create block / allow lists
  • Create alerts based on location
  • Remotely reboot
  • Send alarm or messages
  • Small battery footprint
  • Remotely Wipe / Lock
  • Toggle GPS *
  • Automatic silent updates *
  • Silent remote uninstall *
  • Survives factory reset *

* Only available for Root Defense

WHY US ....
  • Unlike one-time fee applications, which save
    money by probing the phone for information. Ours
    stores data in a database where you can access data
    even if it was deleted from the phone or if the
    phones battery is dead or the phone is off.

  • Unlike other competitors who’s programs
    say they can survive a factory reset.
    They require the phone have the same
    phone#. Usually the first thing a thief will
    do is change or remove the SIM or flash a
    new ESN. Our products will still track these phones.

FAQ ....

  • UnfairWare L.L.C. is a small family owned and operated business located in the Tri-State Area.

  • We live our lives through our phones. We keep in touch, stay updated, and run our business through our phones. The loss, theft, or temporary misplacement (under the couch, in the diaper pail, covered with slobber in the dog’s bed) can turn a busy morning into a mild panic attack. We know. We’ve been there.

    Please use the contact form located HERE to reach us.

Contact CONTACT US ....

  • Your privacy is kept with us.
    Unfairware will not share any of your data with any other company under any circumstances!

  • You can request to remove your data at any time.
    You should contact us with your username, IMEI or MEID # (This can be found on your phone by looking under Setings->About phone->Status and then IMEI or MEID) and your email address you registered your account under (these bits of information are to help ensure nobody else tries to alter your account) and we will remove your data.

  • Your privacy is kept with us.
    What information do we store?
    We store the folowing types of information:
    - All SMS, Call, Internet history, Internet favorites, Commands you sent to your phone, Contacts and Basically any information that you see when you log on to your web account. We store this information so you can view it when you log in.
    - Phone and application information such as model, manfacturer, make, IMEI or MEID, App Version, Android SDK, last log in time. We store this information to help track bugs for particular phones or ROMS also it helps us gauge if you still use your account.
    - Webpage username, email address, phone pin and encrypted hash of your password. This information is stored to provide authentication and security. The email address is used in case you forgot your password and we only keep an encrypted hash of your password to verify you have an account without risking anybody being able to steal or see it.
    - For OVERVI3W Plus and Root Defense Plus members we store basic client demographic information such as name and address and paypal transaction numbers for proof of purchase. WE DON'T STORE ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.